Intellectual Property

As the author of books on Recollective Awareness, along with a large catalog of unpublished writings and audio recordings, I ask that people who intend to use my intellectual property agree to the following:
1. Whenever material is quoted directly from my work, Jason Siff will be given attribution as the author.
2. When concepts that have been developed by me, or language and narratives that I originated are used, Jason Siff will be given credit in writing or verbally, as appropriate.
3. The terms “Recollective Awareness” and “Recollective Awareness Meditation” will be used only with attribution to Jason Siff. My name should be mentioned when either Recollective Awareness or Recollective Awareness Meditation is first introduced on a web page, article, book, video, public talk, workshop, or retreat
4. The interviewing technique, the group reporting format, and the journaling instructions given for Recollective Awareness Meditation should also be attributed to Jason Siff as the person who first used and developed them for this approach to meditation.

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