Individual Instruction

Individualized Meditation Instruction

When I first offered individualized meditation instruction to people on the email list a few months ago, I had only a vague idea of how it would work. Learning from how it has unfolded with different students, I am clearer than ever as to how this can work for both you and me if you were to take me up on this offer.

On the practical side of commitment, I can propose three options:

  1. One-month initial commitment, comprising of two to three 30 to 45-minute long sessions during that time. This option would be good for someone who wants to focus on his or her meditation practice for a short period to either get back into meditation or jump start a meditation practice that seems to have become routine or stagnant. Someone completely new to meditation might also choose this option. People could decide after one month to take either of the next two options or meditate on their own, attending webinars, workshops, retreats, sitting groups, etc.
  2. Three to six-month commitment, comprising of one 30 to 45-minute session every three to six weeks. This option would be good for someone who would like to make more in-depth and radical changes to their meditation practice and engage meditation as a vehicle for ongoing self-exploration, transformation, and as a way to further their understanding of the Dharma.
  3. Open-ended commitment (without a set duration), which can be terminated or suspended for any duration of time, comprising of one session every three to six weeks.

The cost for these sessions would be entirely up to you, as you would have the freedom to choose the amount you give when you give it, and how often. I had worked with many people who had limited financial resources when we began but were able to donate generously sometime later. On the other end of the spectrum, there are people whose donations are so generous that their contributions make it possible for people with a low income (or huge debts) to pay what they can afford. That is how generosity works.

Please email if this interests you. There is no fee and no problem if you decide not to continue after the first session. These calls on done on either the phone or over the internet. You may suggest your preferred way of long-distance communication and the application of your choice.


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