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Awareness of Thinking, Mindfulness of the Body

Are these two orientations to meditation opposites, contradictory, incompatible? Or are they two sides of the same coin? I will discuss how to integrate a practice of mindfulness of the body and recollective awareness of thoughts and emotions in this 90-minute webinar. This is a perfect webinar for those who practice Recollective Awareness Meditation from having done Mindfulness Meditation. It is also a good refresher talk for those who have been exclusively practicing Recollective Awareness Meditation and would like to include more traditional practices on being aware of the body, breath, and the five external senses in meditation.

Previously, you had to register before attending these webinars. Beginning with these two webinars, there will be no pre-registration. Just click on the links below to bring you immediately to the webinar meeting space. A reminder email about the webinar will be sent out to everyone on this list two hours prior to each webinar.

Saturday, October 14 at 3 pm Pacific Time (Sunday, October 15 at 9 am in Sydney, Australia)

Sunday, October 15 at 9 am Pacific Time (5 pm London, UK)

These webinars are offered on a donation-only basis.

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