Old Instructions and Articles

PDF files that are part of the history of Recollective Awareness

The early meditation instructions in these articles are not meant to replace the instructions found in my more recent books on meditation (“Unlearning Meditation” and “Thoughts Are Not the Enemy”). In the earlier instructions from the 1990s, you will find an instruction to recollect on your thoughts while still in the meditation sitting, whereas in my more recent instructions, the recollection is often done after the sitting. I will explain why I changed this instruction in a future article. Also, in the earlier instructions, there is a suggestion to name experiences. That instruction has changed to describing experiences in more detail after the sitting. One key feature in looking back at these two instruction manuals is that they were written before the Journal Project of 1999.

Jason Siff Old Web Site Articles

1998 Basic Meditation Revised Version

1995 Basic Meditation Instructions