When I was a monk in Sri Lanka, I developed a meditation practice that differed from ones that I had been taught in the permission it gave to students to be more honest with themselves and by proving itself to be more compatible with the Buddha’s teachings. During the nearly three decades since then, I have been dedicated to improving Recollective Awareness Meditation practice and teaching. It is an unending project, and during this next phase of it, I intend to bring my current knowledge and experience to the forefront to offer you the Recollective Awareness Meditation I know and teach.

The redesigned RAM fills in many holes, addresses certain problems, and has clarified many questions. Recollective Awareness Meditation has been likened to a breath of fresh air by people who have been practicing Vipassana and mindfulness; the new practice will be like an inexhaustible aquifer in the desert, able to nourish all forms of meditation. The main difference is the addition of a depth psychology based on early Buddhist teachings. Much will be explained on this website. But more than that, your meditation practice will be fed and supported, leaving it up to you to cultivate and experience its fruits.

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